Saturday, June 7, 2014

How much can a toddler really commit to?

Frequently I disagree with Matt Walsh's approach to address issues; however, currently having a 2 year old and a 4 year old with wild imaginations, I completely agree. Gender isn't just what you wear and the activities that you enjoy.

My son plays with my daughter. They play with cars and Polly Pocket. Sometimes Isaac runs around in Eliza's princess heels and wears pink shirts to church. Sometimes Eliza runs around in his Mike Wazowski hoodie. Eliza has had a long list of interesting career choices and frequently plays with Mordu who has chosen to be a nice bear now.

Eliza has wanted to make commitments to marry certain people or get pets. My answer is always, "let's talk about it again when you are older." Toddlers should not make decisions about gender. Their opinion should not be discredited, but parents SHOULD recognize that their brain is not developed. Their ability to reason is just beginning.

Eliza has asked when she can be baptized. However, she isn't capable of understanding the commitment she would be making. That's why the answer is always, "When you are 8."

What is she decides to be a girl later when her puberty kicks in and her hormones start changing her body? How complicated will it be for her to go through that process again as a teen? I don't agree with the parents' decision, but I am most concerned about their timing.

I think that we should be celebrating parents who allow their children to wait to make big decisions and can understand what they are actually deciding.