Monday, May 19, 2014

YEAH for the new loft bed!

 I love IKEA's Kura bed!

After looking for months to see what we wanted to do about beds, we saw some great idea with the Kura bed:

Eventually we will paint the toddler bed green to match the rest of the bed. We used green and white contact paper to made the bed a little cuter than the bright blue it comes in. 
The toddler bed fits really well under it and Isaac can sit up in bed without hitting his head. It is a work in progress but it is pretty exciting to be able to use the space under it. Once Isaac is done with his crib, the room will be awesome! 
We decided to keep Eliza using a toddler bed mattress. It gives her some space to sit and store toys. The kids love to just sit on the top with blankets and pillows and read books! 
Because Isaac has a hard time sleeping in his crib and is getting really good and getting out if he has something else he can use to pull himself out, we have to float the crib in the middle of the floor when it is time to sleep. He pull his crib in the middle until he is asleep, and then we can push his crib back. It isn't perfect, but we are glad there is an option. 

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