Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Best Christmas Present!

Skyler picked out flowers for me a few days before our back decided not to work. 
It made life interesting, like icing/heating my back and trying to brush hair at the same time...
The kids enjoyed having me laying around on the ground... easy access. :)

We did a lot of coloring at home.
Our ward Christmas party was fun... but I did overdo it.

The kids loved seeing friends and getting presents.

Opening presents from Nana was fun!
Skyler's work party was fun!

Having Grandma Bricker come before and after the surgery was a big blessing!

We made it to church the Sunday before Christmas.

We loved our Christmas tree.

Instead of just candy, we did popped popcorn and bought Cheetohs put them in little baggies. It was a big hit! We are definitely doing that again!

The pinata was also a success!! We used tennis rackets!

There were lots of treats and toys inside.
Waiting at the hospital to check in.

Getting prepped for surgery.  Can you see how my gown inflated with warm air?

My first meal after surgery. I was starving!

On our way home!
Christmas lights with Nana and my new friend, back brace. We were so glad that she was able to come out and take care of our family during and after the surgery! 

The zoo with Nana

We have felt really blessed this year and especially at the end with my miraculous surgery. :)