Monday, May 6, 2013

Having Fun at Home

Spring has been really fun so far! 
I dressed up the kids for General Conference weekend. It wasn't practical, but it was fun!

Eliza got a ballet video for Christmas. She loves to dress up in her leotard and do it!
She is starting to get a fun personality and do funny faces!

We love having the patio as our special playroom! The kitchen and vanity are out there. With our sunshade up it is actually pretty cool out there. It feels like an outside room without a lot of dust.

Eliza is our little nature girl. If she could, she woudl pick up sticks and rocks all day and pick all sorts of flowers and leaves for her collections.

When our family had the stomach flu for 1 1/2 weeks, the kids got A LOT of movies!! And we used vomit bowls. Eliza got pretty good at using her bowl... Isaac didn't have much improvement. He threw up on the couch, the floor, lots of clothes, just about EVERYWHERE!

Eliza and Isaac loving to have reading time at night before bedtime. Isaac loves to climb up on her bed. He looks out the window, tackles Eliza, and reads books. It is a good life.
When Isaac gets tired he just likes to roll around the ground on pillows and with blankets.

Eliza had reading time in bed a couple nights ago and fell asleep. I think she had about 12 books in her bed. I moved them and then when she rolled over I found another book under her sweaty back...

We have a big fish pond by our house. There are enough fish that it has attracted an unusual guest to the complex. The man incharge of the pond kept trying to scare the bird away because he was eating our fish....

I can't believe that Eliza is 3 and Isaac will be 1 tomorrow!!!

Family Easter Pics

I just realized that I never posted our pics from Easter Sunday matchy-matchy outfits. :) I don't know that anyone totally appreciated matching, but I thought it was fun! Too bad Skyler doesn't have a red tie... next time!