Friday, June 15, 2012

Isaac's one month stats

Head circumference: 77%
Weight: 60% 10 lb 12 oz
Length: 64% 21 3/4 in

Skyler and I had a competition. I bet him a dime that Isaac was more than 9 1/2 pounds. And I won!! YEAH!! He was a little bigger than either of us thought! But the funny news is that while they told us his percentages, I kept thinking, "Oh know! Why is he so small! How are we going to get him to eat more and get bigger?" I guess that shouldn't be a mom's reaction when she finds out her child is close to average size. I am just used to 90%. Oh well. We may have a tall girl and a little bigger than average boy. :) Just like me and Skyler. It may be perfect.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012

Eliza's delivery continued...

WARNING: no pictures in this post... and it is a continuation of Eliza's delivery... and it is long! If you don't know the first part, you can see the previous post for links.

That Saturday we had our prenatal class. I thought that overall it was helpful. But what still concerned me was that no one believed me about my Braxton hicks. I asked the nurse who did the class what she thought about my Braxton hicks and she totally dismissed what I said. I felt a little annoyed because I have a tendency to resent when people treat me like I am ignorant. We watched labor videos and she skipped the C-section video but told us to all look up information about C-sections, just in case. I of course did not read my C-section information. I really did enjoy looking at all of the funny baby pictures, though. I prepared myself to see a little gunk, and imperfections.

Then two weeks later, I went in for my 38-week check. Janna, my favorite midwife, did the check. I had been gearing myself up for this. I knew that if was a wussy, I would never make it through labor. So, I just watched my breathing, and it was very uncomfortable, but it was still ok. She asked if I wanted my membranes stripped. I didn’t feel like the pain, and I didn’t want to increase my chances of going early, so I said, “No. Thank you.” I was dilated to 1 ½ and 70% effaced. Over the next week, I became more uncomfortable, but it still seemed to be much better than the first 2 trimesters. People would ask me if I was “ready” to not be pregnant and I would say that I was very much ok with this little one still being inside.

The next week, I had another appointment. Jen checked me. She was definitely rougher than Janna. I had to refocus myself, and she said that I hadn’t changed much. I was still 1 ½ and maybe 75% effaced. The measurements are really quite subjective. I said, “ok.” I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t really changing at all, but also relieved that I wasn’t going to be in labor too quickly.

One week later, I had my 40-week appointment. Janna and the midwife in training, Jennifer, were in charge. I didn’t feel much different from the other weeks. I occasionally had Braxton hicks, and I would sit down. They would go away. They asked if Jennifer could check me. I was totally fine with it. So, she tried. She felt around, complained that she couldn’t find anything and had to pull out. I was quite uncomfortable to say the least. So they had me get my pelvis up by resting it on my fists. She tried again and felt like my pelvis bone was actually in the way and she couldn’t reach. Janna was pretty confident because she had already checked me, but she had a hard time as well. She pulled out and tried again. YES! That was four times. She pressed done on my belly and tried to angle her arm in to feel. I think my body started to go into a little bit of shock. My entire body started to sweat especially my stomach and face. I just closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on breathing. Janna apologized the entire time. Jennifer rubbed my arm and told me it was ok. And the results were that I hadn’t really progressed since my last check. I was still about a 1 ½ and would need to go in early in order to see if they could get my cervix to ripen. They apologized again but explained it was necessary. My legs were shaking and I was  light-headed. I asked Janna if she thought my pelvis was a problem. Janna’s response was “not necessarily”. She told me to not worry too much. Jennifer asked if I wanted some crackers and I heartily accepted. I sat down for a few minutes and then headed home.

On Sunday, we went to church like normal. Skyler and I had to do ecclesiastical endorsements for BYU. I had an interview with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. I told him that we were going to go have a baby. He didn’t believe me. He said I didn’t look like I was ready to have a baby. I told him that I was already 8 days late. He was shocked. Then we went over to the Zirkers for dinner. It was delicious, and we were running late.

We headed over quickly to the hospital about 7 minutes away. We checked in about 5 minutes late. Oops. The shift changed at 6pm, so we quickly got me changed into my gown and hooked up to machines. They put the cervix ripener in and we waited around. I was kind of overwhelmed with how quickly I was hooked up and in some way my agency or freedom to move, and do was diminished. Skyler and I settled in and that night he gave me my blessing. I was relieved to have Skyler there and know that he could give me a blessing. Most of it is a blur but I do remember hearing that we would have the spirit, that the doctors would know what to do, that we would have confidence in making a decision that we felt good about. It stuck out to me a little bit because I had a midwife, not “doctors”, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. It was our last night not being parents, and it was a little uncomfortable. We went to sleep that night and looked forward to starting the adventure in the morning.

To be continued...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heaven and Hell

This is how we have come to describe Isaac's birth compared to Eliza's.

In order to make this comparison true and accurate, I will need to finish my birth story for Eliza Lane.
In case you were wondering...yes, it does end before we even got to the hospital.
I will fill in the blanks with my next post.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My favorite daughter!

Yesterday she informed me that Daddy was my best friend, but that I was hers! What a sweetie!

Here are few of my favorite pics from the first two weeks... yes I know that I am late... Isaac is three and a half weeks old now...

The swing

Mother's Day. I didn't go to church, but I did get dressed so I could take some pics with the kiddos!

Not cute of me... but a fun picture. Skyler laughs at Isaac's eyes when he sees it...
Our little princess... Yes! She does play dress up at least once a day and dances in her princess dress!

Our first bath at home. It went really well. And he is just a cutie!

This is right after the bath... he was VERY relaxed!

This is right before we left the hospital. You can see how skinny he got and the yellow from the  little bit of jaundice.

We went to sacrament meeting... and we were obviously all worn out!
But I made him take a couple pics anyway!

 Skyler thinks he looks like a millenium angle in this pic!
 Grandma Hansen's beautiful blanket! This one might be my favorite!
 My mom was such a help!!! We are so glad she was willing to rough it on an air mattress in our little apartment!
I love plaid shorts on little boys!

 And I love rompers with collars!
 And I love that babies can wear cute outfits that have dinosaurs on their shirts... and their bums!