Monday, April 16, 2012

Being creative....?

We are trying to make continue with some changes to help Eliza be more independent when the baby comes. Eliza is definitely more than 10 pounds, so I won't be able to lift her for about 6 weeks after my C-section. We have made adjustments and one of them is her toddler bed. She has had it for about a month, but she has had a hard time this week staying in bed. My idea was of course to take away her prized possession... "the apple blanket". It sort of works. But we have needed more recently. Here is how tonight went.

We took a bath, ate dinner, read books, read scriptures, had family prayer, sang some bedtimes songs, she cuddled up with her apple blanket, stuffed dogs, and her water sippy cup. All seemed well for about 8 minutes... and then she decided she was done with going to bed. I reminded her that she needed to stay in bed and that if we got out again, I would take her apple blanket. She verbally consented to stay in bed. That lasted 1 minute. So, I marched in and took her apple blanket. She cried. I reminded her of the rule, she verbally consented, and then cried. I told her I would return her blanket if she remained in bed. She didn't, so I had to take away her dogs, then her pillow. The drama continued. At this point it had been 20 minutes... so I took away her mattress. This was new for her and she was kind of excited. She sat quietly on her bed for 2 minutes. At that point, I returned the mattress, pillow, blanket, and dogs. She stayed in bed at that point until she went to sleep.

It took about 30 minutes to keep her in bed. She obviously was looking for a sign that mommy was serious... I think not having a mattress did that. I hope I don't need to take it away again... or what if that doesn't work tomorrow? The shocking thing is that she cries and cries about her "apple blanket" or her dogs, but then doesn't stay in bed. Life would be so much easier if she would just stay in bed... but she doesn't. And she IS tired, because as soon as she stays in bed for about 10 minutes she is sound asleep. Oh the mysteries of 2-year-olds.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thoughts about Easter

Eliza Lane and I have been watching the bible videos. She asks repeatedly to watch the clip when Jesus dies on the cross. She sweetly looks up at Him and offers to give Him a shirt and a bandaid. She thinks that the Roman soldiers need to h...ave a time-out. Her young little eyes can see and recognize pain, and more importantly she longs to ease it somehow. Even though she is a little 2-year-old, she CAN also understand that she loves Jesus and that Jesus loves her. And that is what I kept telling her-- that what Jesus did was because of LOVE.

I know that He loves me. He loves her. He loves everyone that ever has or will live on this earth. When I look at the turmoil around the world and the pain that people are experiencing, all that I can hope is that they will be able to feel God's love. Christ's atonement is not just about the power to be resurrected. It has the power to heal our hearts, and allows us to repent of all of our weaknesses and sins. Jesus Christ can understand us, our frustrations, disappointments, etc because he has experienced and overcome them all. I love Him. I am so grateful for His sacrifice for me and will humbly seek to become more loving and selfless, as He is, in my roles as wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, teacher, etc. I know that through the atonement, my efforts are magnified. With the help of the angels in heaven, I can do what God requires of me as I repent daily and seek His will.