Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jeremy came to town...

Can you tell I am 33 weeks? Only 6 more to go...

We forgot to take pictures with him, but we did take pictures after.

He was staying at Fort McDowell Resort and Casino. We hadn't been there before. It was beautiful!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Big Little Girl

Eliza Lane had her 2-year appointment today. She was apprehensive at the office since she frequently gets shots there... but she was great. She is staying consistent with her size. She is in the 87% on height and 80% on weight. She wears a size 6 shoe right now and seems to grow like a weed. We most importantly happy that she is healthy! She does, however, insist that she is NOT a big girl, but she is a little girl, even when she uses a "big girl" potty! :)

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays...

It was my birthday and then it was Eliza Lane's birthday! Soon it will be Skyler and Isaac's birthday!! We decided to have a lot of family celebrations. Our first was in Modesto, CA at the beginning of the month. Eliza and I got brownie sundaes, games, dinner, and even presents. This picture is so fun because it shows that the dress my mom bought Eliza and the doll's dress that Nathan's family bought are almost identical! CRAZY!

Eliza Lane has been singing "Happy Birthday to You" for a couple weeks!!

More details and pictures to come!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Chauncey went to Prom tonight...

Chauncey went to LDS prom night with a nice boy named Brigham. Eliza got to use Chaunceys glitter nail polish. Lucky girl! Chauncey was able to borrow my dress and Mom Bricker was able to make some adjustments. And the gold shoes from our wedding worked perfect! We did lots of fun braids in the front and then let the rest hang down. Eliza Lane let her borrow her purse. AND we are having a girl slumber party with Grandma Bricker. So fun!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How would you spell "J- th"?

Skyler and I have been playing around with a few names. This is a unique experience. We had Eliza Lane's name before she was conceived. But this time we haven't chosen one... until now. So, as of today: our little boy's first name will be "Isaac" and his middle name will sound like "J-th". We haven't decided on the spelling yet. Here are some possibilities: Jayth, Jaith, Jeith, Jaeth, Jathe... I am leaning towards the last two.
What do you think?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Little Girl Around Here...

It has been so fun to watch Eliza Lane turn into such a little girl. I am definitely convinced that gender is an eternal element of each of us. Our afternoon together involved holding and rocking her babies, trying on dresses, playing with her kitchen set, trying on shoes, trying on jewelry, and then wearing her dress and sunday shoes over her clothes to the park... That wasn't a good idea. But that bad idea was the only one initiated by me... She seems to just be full of good ideas!

She enjoys watching me get ready in the morning in hopes that I might let her have a little lip gloss. If she is quiet in a corner, she found lip gloss or chapstick. She loves her nails painted... and yes she LOVES anything related to Cinderella or a princess. I can't wait to see how much girlier she gets. She definitely didn't get it from me. :)