Monday, February 27, 2012

cognitive development and negotiation...

Some days I really get excited to watch Eliza's cognitive development progress. I think, "Wow! how exciting to have a cute little bundle of intelligence." And then other days, I think, "Uh, why did we teach her that?" Eliza has been counting to 10 for awhile, but she was just reciting words. Recently, we has figured out that two is a bigger number than 1, etc. This was exciting, especially as we have been reading books and counting. It was pretty cool to realize that she actually understood what the numbers meant. And then it went too far!

Now that Eliza knows the difference, she feels the need to negotiate her wants. On Saturday night, I told her that after she finished eating we would be able to watch a movie. To this she responded, "No. Two movies." I then responded that we didnt have time for two movies before bed and that we would only be watching one. Her response was immediate. "No! Watch two movies!" It took awhile to continue exchanging ideas... and in the end, we watched only one movie. If she didn't understand her numbers and the meanings, I would not need to negotiate with Eliza Lane; however, it is probably better.

It has been interesting to see her personality and interests start to really solidify. She knows exactly what she wants in most situations. After she got her two-year immunizations, we told her that she could have a treat. We offered: candy, ice cream, or french fries. She responded that she wanted a sucker. So, there you have it. She knows what she wants and is willing to try to negotiate for it. We will see how this all turns out....

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dave Ramsey and tender mercies...

So, Skyler and I are currently aspiring to become Dave Ramsey groupees. We have listened to most of his book and are on the same page basically. Which means that we are committed to try to get out of debt, and make it through unpaid maternity leave. Are are motivated for various reasons. One is that we need to make it through unpaid maternity leave. The second is that we really believe that debt is a type of bondage. Three we believe that delaying immediate gratification for a more lasting gratification is an eternal principal. With that said, we are currently living in a one-bedroom apartment in order to scale back our life and be more self-reliant. We are still yet to complete our new budget, but we are beginning to think seriously about what is a necessity and what is a want. We have never been so determined to think outside the box. And... we are getting better at it.

The biggest thing has been that we have seen tender mercies and blessings since we started on our journey. The Phoenix area cost of living is still a little higher than Provo. Since Skyler and I are both technically working part-time, we aren't making tons of dinero. So, we are trying to plan ahead and get things that will save money and space in the long-run. Our most frequent saving grace has been Goodwill's 50% off days. Skyler and I have made lists of things that we need, prayed in faith, and then found exactly what we needed. One great example is Eliza's future birthday present that is hiding in our storage unit. I will have to tell you that story on another day.

We have been slowly stocking up Baby Boy Bricker's wardrobe. I have felt it was a boy since October 2009... so I have sporadically gotten a few things on major clearance. But right now we are actually trying to fill in the holes. I told Skyler that I didn't mind having mostly second hand clothes, but I just really wanted a cute "coming home from the hospital" outfit and a cute blessing outfit. We will probably get a cute blessing outfit after Easter and everything is on clearance... but I have been keeping my eyes peel for the "coming home" outfit. When I saw this one, I think I heard singing in the background. It was and still is perfect. Skyler and I have really quite similar style in a lot of things, especially baby boy clothes. We like color, and even silliness. Baby girls are supposed to look pretty, but baby boy are cutest in something silly, well we think so. I think this is perfect because it is fun, it is definitely boy, it looks brand new, it says "I make Mommy happy" which is something I will want to be reminded of as I am exhausted, it is the right size, and we both like it.

So, miracles never cease. I know that this is not a life or death situation. There are definitely more important things going on in the world... but it reminded me that Heavenly Father loves me individually. He cares about things that I care about. And most importantly, when our family is trying to align our wills to His, we are ALWAYS blessed with what we need.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Merry Christmas to me!

For Christmas, I got a photo shoot for family pictures. We took our pictures on Valentine's day a couple days ago... and we already can see some of our pictures!! We get a copy of the CD with all of them tomorrow. Isn't that fast??

Here is a teaser... cute huh?

You can see more here:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mexican Valentine's Day

Skyler was incharge of Valentine's Day this year. It was fun.

First we dropped off Eliza at our new friends the Johnsons. Then we headed over to the Mesa Temple. Lucky us found ourselves in a Spanish session. So, I were the headphones. It was nice to hear it in both Spanish and English. We sat in the celestial room for awhile and then decided to head home.

Next, we got a burrito to share at our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant, El Asadero on Main Street. It was sooo good!

Our final pitstop was at a panderia that we had seen on our way to the temple. We thought it was worth a try... and it was! It is on Gilbert between Main and Broadway. They had a variety of piedras for 3/$1. We got some of those and some cream cheese rolls.

Next we picked up Eliza who had been having 4 hours of nonstop fun. Including dress-up, playing at the park, matching finger and toenail glittery blue polish, etc... We cut up our pan dulce to share. It was a hit. We will have to go back for sure!

Eliza Lane was definitely tired when we got home after so much fun. So,, we called pan dulce "lunch" and put her down for a nap. That meant we had family nap time. It was the perfect Valentine's day celebration.

After naptime, Skyler went to work and Eliza and I continued on with the festivities. We made Valentines with watercolors and stickers. It was pretty fun! And the watercolor was not nearly as messy as I thought.

After that we had some crockpot enchiladas and watched a really great love movie. Well, Emma is long, so we really only watched 1/2. Then it was bedtime.

It was a great day.

We hope you have a good Valentine's Day too!

The last picture has nothing to do with the holiday, but I couldn't help but look at Eliza Lane today and think... where did this big girl come from? I guess we need a new baby... 11.5 more weeks!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trip to Las Vegas

Skyler didn't take the camera... it was hiding. We found it once he returned home. So, I stole pictures off of the internet to give you a glimpse of his vacation... I mean professional conference.

The confernece was organized by "When pigs fly" and Skyler won a flying pig in one of the raffles. He also won a couple books. We are so proud of his "luck".

The first day was hosted at MGM Grand and they were able to go through the CSI experience. Skyler really enjoyed it.

They rode rides and spent the other two days mainly at Circus Circus and stopped by the Stratosphere.

Skyler said that one of the major highlights was hanging out with his cousin's family. Brandon, Michelle, & Teagan were just as or more fun than the Las Vegas Strip!

Overall it was a great trip! Skyler came back wiser and with some good networking done.

I obviously survived! Eliza missed her daddy and cried for quite awhile after dropping him off at the airport. But we prayed for him and his airplane everyday. It worked! But she keeps praying for daddy or mommy's airplane. Oh well.