Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you serious?

I have asked myself this question quite a few times since I moved to Arizona. I don't ask anyone else that because it is usually just a response to something I think is illogical. Particularly this is in relation to the heat. August had a record breaking amount of days over 110 degrees. Needless to say, it has been hot. There are two observations that I have made recently that make me ask the question, "Are you serious?"

1. I don't see the value in palm trees. I think they are striking, but when it comes to providing shade, they just aren't good. I have tried to walk in the skinny little shade the is provided by a palm tree. It is quite less effective. As I have been walking through the enormously large log 59 trying to get to my car, I wonder, why is the parking lot full of palm trees. They don't shade the cars, or the poor people trying to get to their cars. These palm trees are huge, so maybe no one wants to dig them because they have been there awhile... but really, they don't have that much green, so they can't be producing that much oxygen, and they don't provide shade. Thus, I suggest digging them out and replacing them with trees that not only provide shade, but also help the struggling drivers get enough oxygen to breathe.

2. I understand that when people are hot, they usually wear fewer and lighter clothes. This general concept is one that I am quite familiar with. Except for those who are trying to be "modest" which comes in varying degrees on ASU's campus. By the way, I found myself right in the middle of that spectrum. There is a phenomenon that I just don't get at all: some girls walk around campus with daisy duke shorts on, and a thin skimpy tank top. This is not surprising. It is the smallest amount of clothes that you can get away with on campus. What is surprising is that they will then have long hair that covers their shoulders and back. How does this make sense? If you are trying to stay cool by wearing fewer clothes, wouldn't you also pull your hair back? Or if you weren't concerned about the heat, wouldn't you wear more than what a lot of people wear at the beach? This is my quandry. I want to bring elastics to campus and hand them out to the girls in this situation. I could show them how to pull their hair back in a pony-tail, braid, or bun. However, I haven't quite come up with a line to say before handing them something to pull their hair back. Any suggestions?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shannon and Ashleigh came to town...

That meant that we all went up to Flagstaff. We hung out at the cabin, went shooting, experience a Flagstaff fair in the park. We ate greek food and watched belly dancers. Then we drove to Sedona and held live snakes and tarantulas, then tried to shop at the outlets. We drove around the red rock and downtown Sedona. Then we headed back to Flagstaff. We ate at a small Chinese place and then ate coldstone for dessert. After that we watched Stardust. It was pretty fun. The next day, we went to church, went on a walk, and ate brownies. Today we have been chilling and chilling. It has been so fun! Eliza is pretty spoiled because she has so many fun people around who love her.