Saturday, May 28, 2011


I have lost a total of 8.5 pounds! I am 1/2 pound to my prepregnancy weight.
Eliza Lane decided to start talking... so she is up to about 20 words (some only signs, some only words, but a lot of them are both).
Skyler is continuing the job hunt and doing an excellent job as Mr. Domestic.
We are in a new little ghetto basement apt close to BYU.
We LOVE our new ward.
I am teaching like crazy... and feel a little crazy!
Eliza Lane cut her 5th tooth. We think another is on its way.
EL decided to be a toddler... She screams "NO!!" at you when she doesn't like something. She drops her body to the ground with force so that you lose your grip on her. She runs around everywhere. And she climbs on EVERYTHING. Isn't that what toddlers do?
We currently have a tent in the living room.
Skyler and I went to the temple this morning.
Eliza Lane wore braids to a party today.
I like my students.
Skyler has been working out... and looks great.
We are hanging mini crates on the walls in our house to make up for storage space. Two have fruit and one has Eliza Lane's shoes.
We have a new nephew, who is getting blessed without us in CA.
My cousin, Anna, just started chemo for breast cancer.
Most of our stuff made it successfully to AZ and is in storage in Flagstaff.
We will be moving in 2 1/2 months...
I might be an editor for an academic book with 12 chapters...
I ride the bus... and I LIKE IT!
Skyler and I have been sharing a twin bed since we moved... so far, so good! :) It is extra cozy.
We have a kiddie pool... anyone want to come to a swim party?
Eliza climbs onto the chair and then onto the table... or onto the chair and then turn the faucet on.
We don't have a tub... but the shower seems to be just as much or more fun for EL.
That is it for now!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In case you wondered...

We are still alive! :)