Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Out

Eliza Lane has been sick from her 1 year vaccinations. I have taken a couple days off work cause it has been a little crazy. we are definitely stir-crazy. So, we took a suggested trip to the Monte L Bean museum. It was, as always, a blast!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eliza Lane's party!

The party was super fun! We got to see lots of friends and family! The Hansens, the Durrants, and even Grandma Hansen were there! The Austins, Apsleys, Bielerts, and Calls were there! It was a Saturday morning so we had yogurt and muffins. The Provo Beach Resort was of course the location... and we decided it was perfect for running around, and riding the carousel!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Party in Arizona

Skyler had two interviews at the Arizona State University facility management department on Monday to become a full-time custodian. Though some may scoff at this type of job... it comes with free tuition, a convenient schedule for our family-- 4am-12:30pm, and benefits. Since we feel that we need to move to the area, we have been trying to think outside the box. Skyler and I decided to abandon Eliza Lane with Grandma Hansen instead of taking her with us. I am sure she was very very appreciative. We really appreciated Grandma Hansen's willingness because it made the trip a thousand times easier!!!! We left on Sunday afternoon around 11am. We arrived in Anthem, AZ that night late. We ate pizza, briefly visited, and went to bed. We woke up a little late, so we quickly got our driving directions and Skyler showered and ironed his shirt. I must say that we looked pretty cute when we left.

Then we hurried off to Tempe. Skyler got there 10 minutes early, so he changed his shirt before checking in at the reception desk. I sat outside and the whole building was dark because of a power outage. I was trying to figure out how to cover my class that day. My substitute wasn't able to do it, and I hadn't found someone who could. Finally, I called my program chair. He told me that if everything was posted on blackboard, he would make sure my students knew to just got to blackboard and do it. About 30 minutes later, Skyler arrived. He changed his shirt back to a t-shirt and we hit the road. I needed internet access. We stopped by the ASU institute building and they were nice enough to give us the access code for temporary use of their wireless internet. I typed and posted my lab activity quickly. Then we stopped by the American English and Culture Program also, on ASU campus. I dropped off a thank you note for Ms. Mary Chang, the program direct, because she has been incredibly helpful.

Next, we left ASU and went to Rio Salado community college, which is also in Tempe. We took a self-guided tour. I really liked the campus, and also like the idea of teaching Introduction to Linguistics online. Hopefully it works out. Then we hit up Mesa Community College. Skyler got his associates degree there and gave me a quick tour. Then I had an informal interview with Jeffrey Andelora, the English department chair. He basically told me that he didn't have a position for me this summer, but should for the fall semester. YEAH!! He said that it probably wouldn't be an ESL position, but would probably be English Composition.

The best part of the day followed; we went to the Mesa temple visitor's center and had time to just soak everything in and see how we were feeling. Despite the chaos of the day, everything felt incredibly good. That was definitely the most productive part of the trip. We are headed in the right direction. After the temple, we hit up one of Skyler's favorite Mexican food stops. We got an enchilada-style burrito, rice and beans, and a Mexican hotdog. They were delicious!

We didn't want to be late, so we headed back to ASU. We arrived in the parking lot, an hour early. Ten minutes later, Michelle from facilities management called to say they could see Skyler early. YEAH!! He ran in, changed his shirt, and had his second interview. He was done by 3pm, when his interview should have started.

Then we really hit the road back. We went through Phoenix via Grand Avenue. We thought it was a better idea to go through Vegas, St. George, and Cedar City since we would be driving through the night and might need a place to stop. We found a new CNG fueling station in Vegas. We stopped in Cedar City to sleep at Liz Bates' house. It was great to see her... but unfortunately her precious baby doesn't wake up at night... so we didn't meet little Sawyer! Then we woke up a few hours later and headed home.

We got home in time for Skyler to quickly change, pack up my mom's cradle, and get dropped off at work right on time. Then I drove up to South Jordan to pick up Eliza Lane. We got home around noon. I quickly got ready; picked Skyler up early from work to get to school early to cover Kelly's class. Then I taught my class... and then week has continued...

Tender mercies:
1. Skyler's interview getting moved up and already being in the parking lot to make it work.
2. Grandma Hansen being in town and watching Eliza Lane.
3. Having quiet time at the temple to ponder.
4. Liz Bates letting us crash... we were really exhausted!!
5. Skyler making it to work on time.
6. My lab being covered
7. ASU institute internet
8. It wasn't hot... actually it was raining part of the day!
9. well I could keep going...

Embarrassing moment:
About an hour into the trip, we stopped in Fillmore to fill up on CNG. There was a cute little blonde girl with her mom. She giggled when her mom turned the fan on to dry their hands. I almost burst into tears because I was so emotional about leaving Eliza Lane. Don't worry, I made it to the stall before I cried.

Fun moments:
I loved spending the driving time with Skyler. We were able to talk and talk. It wsa liberating to not have to worry about anyone but ourselves. So, we were able to relax, talk, laugh, and tease each other. It was like a really long extra fun date! It was also very reminiscent of our trip that we took when we decided to get married and met each other's families.

I think we are moving to the great Phoenix area. It just feels so good. We prayed before we left that we would be guided by the spirit and know if what we are trying to do is right. The spirit was such a sweet blessing. We feel more calm about everything and know that it will work out... it would be nice to know how it will... but I guess we can practice patience.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Big One!

Eliza Lane's birthday was fun. We got pan dulce at Rancho market: churros and puerquitos. While eating them in the car, Eliza Lane sang "Popcorn Popping" with the actions and saying "pop pop pop". It was a proud moment as the ward nursery music leader! We went swimming at the Orem Fitness Center. Eliza Lane was definitely ready to call it a day after swimming. And we opened presents. She loves her baby crib, beads (everyone loved the beads!), and especially the baby's bottle!