Friday, February 25, 2011

Official Announcement

Well, in case you didn't know. We will be moving to the Phoenix Arizona area this summer. Here are some answers to questions that you may have:
1. No we do not have jobs. We are currently looking and will start turning in applications in the next couple of weeks.
2. No we don't know where we will be living. We are going to find out where we get jobs and then determine our exact location.
3. We are going because we decided to pray and find out if there was somewhere that we needed to be after Skyler graduated. So, we prayed about it. And then the next day we both felt like we should be in AZ. After continuing to pray and fast... the answer was still clear.
4. We are not really excited about it yet. We never really thought we would be moving to that area. However, we think that we will enjoy being there. We will be near the Brickers, who we like a lot.
5. We don't know exactly when the move will happen. We are moving out of our apartment after Skyler graduates the end of April. Then we will probably stay up in South Jordan for 2 months and then move to AZ.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vajza ime e vogel

Eriola came to visit and brought someone an amazing present!
We didn't let Eliza Lane taste the Fanta exotic... but she knows something good when she sees it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Nothing Better

I don't think that anything is better, or more fun than a healthy, happy 11-month-old! Especially if she is cute!

ps... yes that is a shoe that she is cuddling with while she sleeps. and yes that is a braid in her hair. and yes she has had a significant haircut.

Is it me or does she look like a toddler?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bug

In case you didn't know. Eliza Lane has a bug... an ugly one. This is your official update.

Sunday afternoon Eliza was kind of clingy at nursery... but I thought that she just wanted to be like the other kids. Then after we got home we gave her a movie so that we could quickly get dinner ready. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she watched and she didn't even wimper. We knew something was wrong but didn't know for sure what it was. About half an hour later she had a high fever and then threw up. She wouldn't eat at that point and we finally got her to sleep when her motrin kicked in. Sunday night she didn't sleep well but didn't sleep horribly either.

Monday was a pretty rough day. She would cry if she didn't have a movie, and a parent holding her, and a cell phone to play with. We had never seen her this sick and miserable before. Around 1pm I called our pediatrician's office because even with the motrin, her fever was still 101. So we got the last appt at 4:45pm. I left class a little early and we went to the appointment. The doctor asked questions and everything seemed to point to teething... major drooling, not eating/drinking well, fever, her ears were "textbook" and "beautifully clear", she has some swollen gums on top, etc... But then he depressed her tongue and saw her throat. I am not kidding; he said, "Wow! Can you see all of those lesions?" He had the doctor in training come over and look because they were all over her throat. He then said that she had every right in the world to be grumpy because she was really hurting. He said that there wasn't really much we could do because it was a virus and that it was definitely going to get worse before it got better. I will admit it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear. He suggested a 1-2-3 method of drugs which wouldn't work because she can't have Benadryl... so then he said that the only thing he could do was prescribe lidocaine viscous, which is NOT for babies, and told us to only use it if we really needed it and she refused to drink anything. He told us to not worry about nutrition and feed her ice cream if she would eat it so that we could keep her out of hospital for dehydration. He told us to call if things got worse or if she wasn't having 4 wet diapers in 24 hours.

So we came home. I went to Wal-mart and picked up about $35 of sweet liquid stuff: pedialite, pediasure, popcicles, sherbert, etc. She took a couple of bites of pediasure with wheat in it. She drank a tiny bit and went to bed. That is when everything got worse... as predicted. She just stopped eating and drinking. So, we sent Shannon to pick up our prescription of lidocaine. About 25 min after the lidocaine she would drink about an ounce. The night wasn't absolutely horrible but it was long and poor Skyler took care of most of it.

Tuesday morning Eliza was perkier than before. Now that she was on Tylenol, motrin, and lidocaine, her fever was controlled. She would play by herself occasionally and wasn't quite so demanding. But she was definitely not wanting to swallow and all. By 1pm she had had 2 wet diapers since 8pm the night before. We weren't gonna make the 4. So, I called the pediatrician again and they said it was time to force fluids. So, I went to work and Skyler had to start forcing pedialyte down her throat with a syringe. It wasn't fun and if she did eat anything it was plain yogurt. At bedtime, we called to see if we needed to wake her every hour at night to force the fluids. We had had one more wet diaper (totalling 3 in 24 hours). The doctor said, give her 3-4 ounces before bed and then try to just fill her up when she has to take medicine anyway. I told Skyler and we both sort of laughed because 3-4 ounces is like 30 syringes of fluid. We gave her three but she was screaming and crying so much that she spit it all up. So we waited, gave her more lidocaine, waited and then put her down. After tons of praying, I was able to get her to drink 1 ounce and Skyler got her to drink 3 more.

She drank another 8 ounces during the night after we gave her medicine. By 6am, Eliza was not going to sleep anymore and Skyler let me go back to bed because I had a really bad sore throat... I wonder who I got it from! Around 10:30am our pediatrician called to check on her because he was worried that we might have to take her to the hospital. He gave me his cell number and said he thought things had settled down and we wouldn't need to take her in. So, she is down for a nap... I am going to take one too!

I know it isn't done because her lesions are still worse than Monday. Last night they had creeped up onto her soft palate. But we avoided the IV for now. YEAH! I will let you know how the next few days go later.

1. Prayer and priesthood blessings work, even if it isn't in your time frame.
2. Don't shut off your emotions all day and then turn them back on as you arrive at work... your students will be bewildered as they watch her cry in front of them.

p.s. Eliza Lane is 20 lb 15 oz and not quite 11 months.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


We might be giving out Valentines this year.
These are some possibilities. Which one do you like the best?
p.s. you might need to click on them to see them bigger in order to decide.