Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eliza Lane is going to be blessed on July 4th...

So, after much discussion, Eliza Lane is going to be blessed on July 4th at 11am. We are going to have a light lunch afterwards at "The Center". So... let's talk about the important part ;) ... the dress.

So, I actually started looking for her blessing dress months before she was born. I don't actually like the all white dresses or the ones that look like christening dresses... so I guess I am NOT mainstream. So, I have gone through a few different ideas and opinions. I seem to sort of be vacillating.

I sort of liked the idea of having Eliza Lane blessed in my blessing dress. But I also really like the idea of my kids having their own blessing outfit. Additionally it is definitely too small now since she will be 3 1/2 months old when she is blessed.

Then I liked the idea of her being blessed in one of my old white and pink dresses that is crocheted. I really liked that idea for like 2 months. But then I reconsidered when I started looking at cute party dresses. I saw a couple that I really liked at JC Penny and dragged Skyler there to get his opinion on one of our dates before Eliza was born. We both agreed that we wanted something that wasn't too bright or crazy. Simple, and predominantly white.

Then my mom found this cute white dress with pink polka dots. It was perfect. So, we decided to keep it and cut off the tags... this was before we did the math. 0-3 mos dress doesn't necessarily fit a 3 1/2 month baby. She looks great in the dress right now... but it really won't fit in 3 more weeks... You never would have guess when she wore it at 2 weeks old... as you can see she was drowning... that tells you how much she has grown!

So, once we realized that it wouldn't work as a blessing dress, she started wearing it to church!

So, now I have to make a decision because we only have 3 weeks! If we ordered something online it would have to be soon... So, I have started looking again!
I really like the idea of having white with a little blue because of Eliza's pretty blue eyes. I think she would just look so cute! But I am still a little conflicted between styles: vintage, dressy, and knit. And we need to compromise what I like, Skyler likes and Eliza will look really adorable in! Well, the last part isn't hard!

So, I found a really cute dress at Gap. It had a cream skirt and a redish knit halter top. It was sort of vintage, dressy and knit... but it would have been really hard to find a cute sweater to go over it and Skyler didn't really like it... so it was out!

I have found some other cute dresses but right now most dresses are a little too casual. I found the following two which Skyler and I are trying to decide if we like them enough.

I like this one with a little white cardigan. But it might be too "casual".

I like this one with a pastel sweater like pink or light blue. But it has been classified as maybe too "fun".

What do you think?

ALMOST 3 months old!

The last couple of weeks I have been looking at brand-new babies and think Eliza Lane looks sooo grown up!! And she does!

This is how I found her when she woke up from her nap! She had broken the double swaddle she was in and got her arms out. She was playing with her hair! Doesn't she look guilty?

Eliza Lane still loves her swing! She also loves her teddy bear! But now she can kind of lift him up and chew on him!

So, I found this adorable shirt at the American Fork DI. I love it. I have been so excited for her to finally fit into 3-6 months clothes so that she can wear it! So, on Skyler's first day of doing 4:30am custodial, I thought... I will wake up really early. Get myself ready, and then get Eliza ready in some really cute clothes! This was the outfit. I took a picture to document the morning... and then she exploded in her diaper. So, I rushed to the changing table so that it didn't get on her outfit... and as I undid her diaper, the shirt fell and got a tiny spot on it! I was so sad... Skyler walked in 1 minute later when she had only a diaper on. I said, well... was dressed and ready... but oh well... Then I rushed off to work and he had to get her dressed again... and quickly scrub out the spot so that it didn't stain!

This was one of my old little outfits. I decided to put her in it to see how cute she looks! I don't think she liked the outfit... but she looked adorable! And she was nice enough to humor me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time flies...

So, Eliza Lane had her 2-month vaccines... poor girl! She still isn't quite feel good yet. So, we are spoiling her!

Here are her stats:
Weight: 12 lbs 4 oz 75%
Height: 23 in 70%
Head: 16 in diameter 60%

She is a little bigger than average but very proportional! Her pediatrician looked at her and said, "Well I can tell she is breastfeeding; she looks great!" I am not gonna lie... it made me feel good!