Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In case you were wondering, Eliza Lane has a lot of hair!! It covers her ears! It is a little curly when it is wet and brown! She doesn't have as much as her cousin, Tristan, did, but still more than Skyler and I expected!
When they were pulling her out, literally, the doctor, midwife and nurses all said, "Oh my gosh! Look at all of that hair!!"

We are home!!!

It was so great to get ready to come home. We checked into the hospital on Sunday at 5pm and checked out on Friday around noon. I am glad we stayed as long as we did, but it was good to be heading home!
I don't know if Eliza Lane was quite as excited as we were... since she slept through most of the commotion and preparations!


Some of our family came to the hospital to visit and meet little Eliza Lane. Besides screaming for part of Jeremy's family's visit, and sleeping through Malissa's family's visit, she is getting the hang of socializing... well, sort of . :) She was probably most excited to meet Londyn, her twin cousin. They will probably be running around together in a few months... well maybe crawling.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday was a good day!

I can't believe that Eliza Lane has been her for two and a half days! Skyler and I just keep staring at her because in some ways it still feels surreal. After taking a shower and a nap, we took a real picture together!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here she is in moving picture!!

Our little cuddle bug!

Eliza Lane loves to cuddle and hang out!

Our little beauty!

She has so much pretty dark hair and it is curly (these pictures show it brushed out)! Her eyes are newborn blue... so we will see what they look like later :)

Does she look like Rachel?

My mom found a picture of me when I was 1 day old. What do you think?

She was born!!

Eliza Lane Bricker was born on Monday March 15th at 6:06pm. She was 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Well here she is. She is beautiful, Rachel is doing well, and we are going to bed.

Adieu! Tune in tomorrow for more.

Love, The Brickers

Off to the OR

We decided to do a C-section! Look for coming pictures!

The Magic Number

The number is four...four hours at four centimeters. We have been talking with the midwife and we, in a couple more hours, will determine whether or not this baby is coming out vaginally or caesarian. One way or another, we aren't leaving until this baby comes because we already broke water. Thanks for the support!!!


So after the nurse asked the third time, we started to wonder if Rachel in fact needed the epidural. With a little anatomical coaxing from Rachel's body, and a not so effective attempt to put in an internal contraction monitor, we decided to go ahead and call in the meds. In as little as 10 min. "Matt" brought in the good stuff. After much assurance of the possibility of imminent pain, he told Rachel to relax in order to make the insertion of the catheter easier. After he pricked her he inquired as to how it felt, to which she said "Don't worry, the constractions hurt worse." Needless to say, there is still a long way go, but Rachel is sitting much more comfortable.

First 12 hours

What does 12 hours of cervix ripener + 13 hours in the hospital + and a complementary hospital chimichanga give you when you’re 9 days late? Absolutely nothing! Ok, maybe “nothing” is a little pessimistic/strong, but let’s face it, after a nights “sleep” in a foreign bed and room, a half centimeter is anticlimactic. Oh well, they got the big guns out, pitocin and they broke the water. With all the stops pulled out, we are ready to have this baby before tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The hospital goes quiet as the evening starts to fall upon Orem. A car pulls up to a small hospital, and someone get out. In the remaining twilight the blonde hair of the man is still visible as he walks to the other side of the car and opens it. With a couple moments hesitation, a woman gets out the car, her dark short curls hanging at her ears…So we are at the hospital, and I am not going to continue with the film noir style narration of this story, probably because I wouldn’t have this much creative energy tomorrow while helping Rachel breathe. Besides the mind-numbing sound of the baby monitor, the hospital is pretty quite. The most interesting part of the night has been helping Rachel go to the bathroom while hooked up to the monitors. It reminding me of scenes from the Christmas Carol, where Marley visits Scrooge, Rachel’s monitor cords hung around her neck so as to not have them drag.
Eliza is active, and, like usual, isn’t showing any sign of giving up her cushy hang-out inside her mom. If that weren’t enough, she gives a few disgruntled kicks to the contraction monitor just to make sure that we know she’s being heard. We’ll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Plan...

So, after our second nonstress test and our regularly scheduled overdue appointment we have a plan!

So, unless we go into labor on our own. Wouldn't that be nice? We will check into the Orem Community Hospital on Sunday evening at 5pm. Then they will give my cervix some help to open. Then we will spend the night and start the pitocin at 6am Monday morning.

So, that is the plan. I thought we were going to be induced so I had thought about hours of movies to watch... but now that we have Sunday night, and Monday morning... I might need to think of more movies/things to do until active labor kicks in.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too happy

So, the general concensus is that I am not going to naturally have my baby right now because I am, "Too Happy!".

When Skyler and I took our prenatal class they talked about the stages of labor and had faces that went along with each stage. The first stage, which is not active labor, was marked with a smiley face. The nurse said, we can tell as soon as a woman walks in if she is in active labor. She said that they will see smiling woman walk in with husbands and bag. They of course check the woman to see if she is in active labor, but usually she is not and is sent back home... So, her advice was, if you look like this then don't come in to the hospital!

When I have gone to the clinic the past few weeks they have been telling me that I am too happy, which of course means that I am not close enough to having the baby. They say, oh look! She is smiling. She isn't having the baby yet. I tried to tell them that they just don't see me grumpy because they don't live with me and see me when I have to wake up and I am exhausted from not sleeping. But still, they say that I am just too happy to be having a baby.

Yesterday I had to go get a nonstress test because I was 2 days overdue. They checked my fluids, and monitored the baby's heart rate and my contractions (there weren't any during the 20 min test). Everything was fine and then the nurse said, "Ok. let's see you on Thurs." So I called the clinic to double check my appointment time to make them coordinate. Well, of course the office assistant at the clinic talked to me and then said, "Rachel, you still sound a little too happy. When are you going to have this baby?" I responded that I didn't know but probably sometime this week since I was probably going to be induced on Saturday. The nurse doing my test overheard the conversation. When I got off the phone she said, "Well you do seem a little too happy for an overdue woman."

So, in case you were wondering... I am obviously not miserable enough to have my baby today. Maybe tomorrow... but probably not til Saturday!

Disclaimer: I think two things are to blame for my attitude: 1. I have been telling myself that my real due date is March 13th. So I don't feel overdue yet. 2. The first 2 trimesters did a really good job at making me miserable. Skyler and I voted again last night and still think that the 3rd trimester is the best so far!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

um... 39.5 weeks

This might not be the best belly shot... but I just realized that I haven't done one in 4 weeks... and we are due in like 3 days... so... here it is!

Valentine's day... My birthday...

Valentine's Day:
So, I didn't post our pics of V-day! For part of our celebration we stopped by the Jordan River temple, where we were married, and took turns asking and answering questions about the past 6 months since our anniversary. We brought our lawn chairs, huge fleece blanket, food, etc. People drove by us as they were leaving church and smiled and waved... but I am sure they thought, "um... what are they doing?" It was great!

Bytheway, I also took some time to finally cut Skyler's hair again... so it was definitely shorter than mine that evening!
My Birthday:
It was great! Being pregnant definitely made it a little different... Shannon gave me Emma and we loved watching that Saturday night as a birthday warm up!
Monday morning started early since I woke up at 2am, 4am, and 6am needing to use the restroom (can you tell my bladder isn't very large) and from lovely Charlie horses in my calves. It really did start to make me laugh at 6am when I walked kind of like a monster as I tried to walk to the bathroom and couldn't really put weight on either leg!
At work, we had a birthday lunch for all of the March birthdays for Undergraduate Education employees. I had picked out Mexican as our food. It was delicious!
Then Skyler took me to California Pizza Kitchen on Monday night! It was so yummy! We got the new White Pizza... delicious! and also the Thai crunch salad and they brought us a hot fudge sundae! Yummy!
Then we went and I picked out some flowers that I could have fun and arrange! We found some pretty orange astromeria and that looked great with these yellow roses. So, we brought them home and I had fun cutting and arranging them.
Then today my ESL class had a birthday/baby party for me and I brought them their midterm grades! There was cake, soda, chips, pretzels, muffins... ice cream... everything! It was fun!
So, I guess my birthday is probably over even though it has lasted quite a few days!!
It was great! And I didn't freak out too much that I am now 29! Next stop... 30!