Thursday, February 25, 2010

Um... 9 days...

Well, in a few hours it will be 8 days until our due date... CRAZY! I am feeling much better now though. We have all the floors in the house looking great (except our bedroom), 1/2 the house is deep cleaned, the crib is ready, the 0-3 months clothes are clean and folded, we have diapers and wipes (at least enough to start with), we have a cover on our changing pad, our laundry is folded (but maybe not put away), our sheets and pillow cases are fresh and clean (I love that feeling) along with our shower curtains, and we are getting a fair amount of sleep.

So, after this weekend, we might be ready. Well, as ready as we can be, at least temporally! But we will just have to see how ready we feel when she actually comes, and she looks up at us with eyes of complete dependence... But a lot of that we will just have to figure out as we go.

I have started telling Skyler things that I am excited about. I am guessing that the latest we will have her is March 15th... and the earliest I have decided would be after Tuesday March 2nd (at least that is my personal request). Some of the things I am looking forwalrd to are for our little precious baby coming, and some are purely selfish... (like my desire to eat grapefruit or any type of citrus)... So, when I came home from the store with 16 grapefruits, Skyler asked me if I thought they were going to last 2 weeks until the baby came... But they weren't for me, I explained that they were for two different food assignments that I had this week! 8 grapefruits for $1 is hard to beat!

Those are my random thoughts for the day while my ESL students take their grammar test...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One step closer...

So, when I was at work, my coworker asked me about sending an email. Well, I planned on sending it next week. Then she realized that March 1st was not on Monday.
I said, "Gosh! You are trying to cut the rest of my pregnancy in 1/2!"
She said, "Oh that would be ok!"
I said, "Of course not! I need all the weeks I have left to be totally ready!"

My ultrasound on Monday said that maybe my due date should actually be March 1st (my b-day) and not March 6th... So, at my appointment tomorrow I will see if they want to change it or not. If we did, the latest we would have the baby would be March 9th. Crazy!

Our Family Action Plan:
When I start to feel my back cramp up, and my uterus get really hard, Skyler and I think, "Let's go sit down and make the contraction go away". When walking out to the car today, I started to feel my back getting really tight... so when we saw Shannon I said, "Let's go sit down!" And the cramping stopped. After saying goodbye we continued on our journey to the car. I started to feel a lot of pressure in my lower uterine region, so I told Skyler. He said, "Don't worry we are almost to the car." So, I poked my belly and told her to settle down and get comfortable... she is gonna be inside for a few more weeks. Then we drove home. After getting home, I started to walk up the stairs to our apartment and once again the uterus started contracting and getting tight... so now I am sitting down AGAIN!

Don't get me wrong! I know that contractions don't actually mean labor (esp if they will just go away when I sit down). AND we are excited for the baby to come. But I really would like a couple more weeks!

But don't worry... we are taking baby steps in our preparation. For FHE on Monday, we listened to Dale Carnegie's book "Stop worrying and start living" and put ALL of our Christmas decorations away!!

We are one step closer...

Monday, February 15, 2010

3 weeks ago...

I had a family baby shower! It was so much fun!! Skyler got to come and hang out downstairs and do his homework...

It was great to see everyone and Eliza Lane is going to be incredibly spoiled!

Bricker nose?

We had our 4th ultrasound today.

Eliza Lane looks healthy and their guess is that she is currently 7lbs and 3oz... give or take 14 ounces. that means she could be 6 lbs and 5 oz or up to 8 lbs and 1oz. But I hope she isn't that big already...

Her profile is really cute and you can really see her lips and nose. So, my guess is that she has Skyler's lips for sure!

If you haven't looked at Skyler's lips recently, here is a profile shot of both of us to compare our lips.

The next mystery is whose nose does she have.

So, what do you think? Here is another picture of our faces to help you guess. This picture really reinforces that she has got to have Skyler's lips!!

My official guesses:
1. lips- Skyler
2. nose- I don't know.
3. hair color- Rachel
4. hair consistency- Skyler
5. ears- Rachel
6. eye shape-Rachel
7. eye color- Skyler

Skyler's guesses:
1. lips- undecided
2. nose- Skyler
3. hair color- Rachel
4. hair consistency- Skyler
5. ears- Rachel
6. eye shape- Rachel
7. eye color- Skyler

Friday, February 5, 2010

The naming game...

So, Skyler and I decided on baby names officially about a year ago. This was of course before we were ready to create a baby. But we decided that while we were preparing to prepare to have a baby we would decide on names. So we decided on: Eliza Lane and William Marc. We haven't changed our options and since we are having a girl who will be named Eliza Lane, that means that we will have to choose a new girl name to put on our name list.

FYI we end up with a lot of names that have "L". We haven't decided on a nickname for Eliza Lane, we will see how she looks and acts when she comes out but in the race are: Liza, El, Eli, and Lanie (all with an "L"). For William Marc we like the idea of calling him (if we have a boy) Liam.

So, Skyler came home a couple of days ago really excited about a new girl name he had learned about at work, which of course has an "L".

Drum roll please... La-a.

Now some of you might be wondering how that is pronounced. You might think it would be like "La A" or "Lay a"...

But you would leaving out the best part of the name, the "-" is not silent... so it would be pronounced Ladasha.

What do you think?


Our newest neice was born today at 12:41pm. She was 7lbs and 11 oz and 19.5 inches. I wil post a pic later!

Congrats to Jeremy and Bridget!! Our baby has been super active today and I think she just wants to come out and play with her cousin... They will be about 4 weeks apart!

I can't wait to go see her as soon as my virus goes away!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mexican pastries...

For those of you in Provo or surrounding areas... Rancho market has a pretty good sale on pastries right now.

Three galletas for $1

Two puerquitos for $1

Two empanadas for $1

Enjoy them if you can!
And... 3 avocados for $1
I really love Rancho Market!!