Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mt. Timpanogos temple

The Provo Bricker Family (Skyler & Rachel)

The Hollingshead Family (Whitni & Ryan)

Mom and Dad Bricker

It has been really cold here... I think as a result of it being winter... but anyway, we couldn't resist getting pictures after we went to the Mt. Timpanogos temple on Tuesday! The Provo temple was closed, so we took the short drive to American Fork. I think we are incredibly spoiled to have so many temples so close!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas letter...

You will have to click on it to see it big, I think...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The glucose test...

So, around 28 weeks, which I am, you are supposed to get a glucose screening to make sure that you aren't developing gestational diabetes. Now, about 4 weeks ago I got my pamphlet on the screening and also on the testing if I failed the screen. For those of you who don't know, I am hypoglycemic. I might never have diabetes, especially if I am really responsible in my diet and health... but it is like a precursor. So, that means that if I have too much or too little sugar, I get light-headed, headachey, etc... Well, everyone does, but I think I am just more prone to it happening. I found this out when I was 20 when I was eating too many starches in my diet and not enough protein. So, since then I have been rather responsible. I have become increasingly more aware and tried to just bring snacks with me places or have food on hand just in case. I have also just been able to read my body better and quickly tweak things before I get sick. With that said, I don't like to intentionally spike my sugars. And that is exactly what the glucose screening does. They have you drink a bottle of glucose and then sit for an hour and see what happens.

When I was reading the details of the test, I thought, oh that can't be fun... but then I continued reading about the glucose testing. That was definitely worse. You have to fast and then drink glucose and have your blood drawn over 3 hours. I decided that the screening would be a piece of cake, and I just needed to pass in order to avoid the test.

Now about this time, one of my friends who is 4 weeks ahead of me had her glucose test. She has truly had a much harder pregnancy than me and had an awful glucose screening. To make it short, she couldn't keep the glucose down. I have had an issue with keeping things down and still have experienced nauseaus, even at 6 months. So, I decided to just start praying early about my glucose test.

I knew that everything would be ok if I planned ahead. So, I started praying a week prior that if it be God's will, I would pass the screening in order to avoid the test, which I did NOT want to take. So, I prayed. I prayed in family prayer and personal prayer. I talked to a nurse earlier this week and asked her for advice about not getting too affected by the sugar because I would have to teach my class shorter after my screen. She encouraged me to bring protein with me and I would be fine. So, I felt pretty good. I had protein about 45 min before our appointment. I looked at the hand-out again to make sure that there wasn't anything that I needed to know before I headed out. There wasn't. Then I picked up Skyler and we were off. I was feeling pretty confident that I was prepared and did not need to fear.

We arrived at the clinic 7 minutes early. I did a urine sample, and reminded them that I needed the glucose. They gave me the little orange bottle and said "Drink this in 5 minutes and let us know when you are done." So, I smiled at Skyler and started drinking. It really tasted like a melted orange otter pop. But the texture was a little thicker. Everything seemed to be going pretty well. And then about 1/2 way through the bottle, I started to feel nauseaus. But do not fear, I had crackers. So, in an effort to quickly fix the problem, I asked Skyler for a couple of wheat thins. That seemed to help, and I kept drinking. I was almost done with the bottle and running out of time, so I popped in a few more crackers... Then I heard it, "Hey... are you eating?" I said, "Yes, a few crackers to keep it down." "Well, we might not be able to count his test now..." Fear struck... they went to see if they had to cancel my screening, and I finished my glucose. They returned and told me that since I had "cheated" I would have to start all over again. This was of course a Thursday afternoon, the clinic is closed on Fridays... and now I would need to take it the following week.

I was sooooooo sad! I had felt so prepared. I had read and reread my handout. I had prayed. I had eaten protein and taken protein with me... and I still hadn't effectively finished the screen. The good news is that the midwife told me that I could take the test next time with jelly bellys instead of glucose. Hallelujah! I now know NOT to even think about eating anything during the test... and will hopefully pass!

Monday, December 7, 2009

27 weeks... and less than 3 months to go...

There was a request made that I update my belly shot... so in an effort to fully satisfy anyone's needs to see the current state of my belly... I give you a variety of shots, angles, and photographers :)

I took a couple of belly shots this morning during a study break...
Full frontal shot... it really doesn't seem to be the angle that accentuates the belly! :)
The side shot is definitely the one that makes it seem like there is a reason that sitting down is becoming less comfortable than it used to be.

What I most frequently see though is the shot looking down...

I can see that my angle might be skewed... so I had Skyler take a break as well... and take a few pics...
Once again, the side shot seems to catch the belly a little better... and I really am not trying to thrust my hips forward or my belly out.

I think it is kind of funny though. My bishop keeps telling me that I am barely showing and somehow it isn't what I want to hear. I think feeling like I have a legitimate belly makes me feel like there is a reason to have my feet hurt... but I am sure I will have reason enough in 3 more months! ;)
And yes... for those of you who are wondering... I am wearing a red shirt and pale pink sweatpants...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"What to Expect" emails

Now a lot of you have probably heard me say, "oh well in my what to expect email..." I think that signing up for those emails was one of the BEST decisions I have made during this pregnancy. For those of you who aren't aware, it follows the pregnancy book, "What to expect". I get an email about everyday letting me know what is going on with me and my baby. Now, I have signed up for email lists before and usually stop reading them... well this hasn't happened. I sometimes reread the emails because I really want to know what they are telling me. They are FANTASTIC!

Now, they aren't perfect... sometimes they are a week early or a week late... but so far they haven't failed to let me know what is going on. These are just a few examples:
1. I started noticing that my hands were REALLY dry and started getting rash-like. Then next morning I woke up to an email about skin changes during pregnancy. Then I felt incredibly normal.
2. I got an email three days ago about braxton hicks and my midwife told me last night, oh sounds like you are having braxton hicks.
3. Last Saturday I had shooting pains down my leg, and this morning I woke up to an email about sciatica.
4. I got an email about heartburn and the next week I had to get medication to control my acid reflux.
5. More examples that you don't want me to share...

So, if you or someone you know is pregnant... sign up for the emails...

There is also one other BONUS... Every once in awhile, I will get the email and say to myself, "WOW! I am glad I don't have that problem..." While sometimes it shows up the next week, sometimes it doesn't and I feel incredibly happy and blessed!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If the baby looks/is like Rachel

She will have dark hair and eyes.

Her hair will be a little wavy/curly.

She will enjoy sitting quietly :)

My post is boring right now... but I will pull out my other baby pics and see whatelse we discover ;)

If the baby looks/is like Skyler...

She will have great potential to do amazing things with her hair... And she will enjoy being an active participant in the world around her... especially meal time!

More amazing hair! Curiosity, cute cheeks...

She will look good in yellow :)

She will look fantastic in jogging suits! And once again... cute cheeks :)