Monday, November 23, 2009

Don't tell the baby...

So, in order to get a better deal on our online shopping, we need to buy something for $2.50 at gap or old navy. So, the search began and ended in the baby gap section.
There it was... the Christmas gift waiting to happen (even though it was more than $2.50)! Since Skyler and I decided to put a stocking up for Eliza Lane, I felt a little weird not putting anything in it... so she will score with a beautifully nerdy onesie 2 months before she is even born! Lucky her!
Disclaimer: There might come a point in her life when she doesn't want to wear dictionary definitions on her chest. I will respect that, but until she can object... she will be our beautifully nerdy baby!

Why are you poking yourself?

So, I have been hearing this question for about a month. When I went to CA for my mom's birthday, my sister and mom both found it odd that I would just start pushing or poking at my belly. I guess I knew I was doing it, but wasn't really thinking about it. When asked, I would say, "cause it feels good." or "it feels better." I think my stomach is getting kind of stretched out and things are getting kind of squished and sometimes a push or poke just seems to put things in a better location or relieve tension.

I hadn't really been thinking about it until last night during Family Home Evening. Skyler looked confused and said, "Do you have heartburn?" Well, yes I did. But how did he know? Because I was poking myself. So, I think that maybe I will become a fan of acupuncture at some point, but until then I will probably just poke the uncomfortable parts of my body. Does anyone else do that?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Denial Girl

Once upon a time, Shannon and I decided to talk about our super powers. My superpower is that I am able to be in denial for an abnormally long time. Sometimes I don't even realize I am in denial... until reality hits and I am in shock. This is not necessarily a good thing. It means that sometimes I don't know and understand my feelings. For example, I thought Skyler and I were going to break up (for no reason) until I woke up one morning and realized that I was in love with him. I am sure that I could have figured that out earlier... but oh well. When we were engaged and talking about dates I realized that I wanted to move the date up so that we could have our reception at my grandpa's backyard. But I didn't realize until I was crying to my mom on the phone was how important it was for me. My mom said, "Wow. I had no idea that you felt that way." Skyler said, "Wow. I had no idea that you felt that way." and I said to myself, "Wow. I had no idea I felt that way." Shannon walked into the room and she looked at me like, "Wow. I had no idea you felt that way." So, in short, sometimes I don't realize how I feel until I am hit with it.
I knew when we were engaged that we needed to get ready to have a baby. This of course went against my personal conviction that we should wait a year before getting pregnant. But we prayed about it and started to make preparations. We even had our names picked out. A few weeks after everything was set, we were pregnant. I remember just a couple of weeks after a positive pregnancy test thinking to myself, "Hmmm, I wonder if I am really pregnant." This is a hilarious thought because I was really sick. We had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, and 12 weeks, and heard the heartbeat. It seemed a little surreal. But by about 16 weeks it was becoming more real. By 20 weeks, the sickness was not as bad and at our ultrasound I felt the baby kick me while I saw it on the screen. It was incredibly cool. From then on, I knew when I was feeling her move and kick. I would say that that is when it really sunk in that I was pregnant and that a healthy baby girl was really growing inside of me.

So, this past week a couple of things happened that took my focus off of being pregnant and onto the reality of our future arrival. The first was seeing my friend Eliza's brand-new baby girl. She was precious, adorable, and very very real. The second is that my mom gave us some presents that she had made and picked out for the baby. They were the first gifts for our baby. My mom had written cards talking about how exciting it was to prepare for a little one, especially our first. As I opened the blankets and outfits, I realized that in 4 short months they would be covering our little baby. Also, my sister, Emily, had offered to let us use a lot of her baby stuff, sling, clothes, swing, etc. So, we went through her stuff and tried to see what we would be able to fit in the car. When it came to actually packing it in our car, I asked Skyler if he thought the swing was going to be able to fit. He said he would try to make it fit. He had to take it apart so that it would fit. Once it was in and we were ready to head back to UT, I could not stop talking about the swing. I think I talked about how wonderful it was for like an hour in the car. Skyler said, "Wow I had no idea you felt that way about it." And I replied, "I didn't either." So, somewhere between Provo, Orange County and Provo I realized that I am going to be a mom and have a little baby girl really really soon., and that I was really quite attached to Emily's swing. I came home on a quest to find a dresser to put her clothes and blankets in. I get teary-eyed this week when I talk about her coming because I am sooo excited to see her and hold her in my arms, which didn't happen while I was in denial.
It really is funny how you can know something in your head, but you still have to let it sink in. So, in case you hadn't realized it yet, Skyler and I are going to have a little baby girl in 15 weeks and 6 days (well... probably not that day, but sometime around there) :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Mom's 60th

My mom just turned 60 last week. So, the family decided to have a party in Orange County to celebrate. Nathan's family and my parents came from Modesto. Skyler and I and Jer's family came from UT. And Emily's family hosted.

My mom and dad took Isabel to Disneyland on my mom's birthday. I heard it was almost as fun as the American Girl hub in LA.

Saturday was the big party.

Diana was in charge of the decorations and used pink and brown for a Sweet 60 theme. It was great!

Everyone showed up at Zach's soccer game and it was fun to see him play and be together.

Then there was whale watching... and they saw dolphins.

We did a lot of cooking and eating and spent a lot of time in the kitchen. We had brunch and then later a great dinner of soups and salad.
Then came dessert with the triple chocolate cake from Costco, an assortment of ice cream and a chocolate fountain. Yummy.

We also had a program with some games and also of course the grandkids singing a cousin camp song.
It was fun to be with everyone and celebrate! Thanks for having a birthday Mom!

Friday, November 13, 2009

23.5 weeks

My belly is real now. I am wearing a lot more maternity clothes.
Skyler is holding up nicely :)

And we are excited that the last three weeks have been wonderful!
These were taken on our way out of Orange County on Tuesday. The family went to the beach on Saturday afternoon, but we were trying to get find someone to fix our car on a saturday afternoon (didn't work). We could have gone on Monday, but we were distracted by the car yet again... but to celebrate our repaired car and return to UT, we took a little detour and had literally 7 min at the beach. It was great!