Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Perspective at 17 1/2 weeks

The belly from all sorts of angles. It is a little bit bigger. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

I will probably explain these photos later :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Bricker

I forgot to post pictures from when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit us. They came and stayed at our house for about 24 hours. It was fun to have them and spend time. We went to the Oquirrh mountain temple dedication, hung out, drove around BYU campus, drove around the Provo temple and forgot to take pictures until the following morning... oops. Grandma and Grandpa look great... but Skyler and I look a little ya know...


So, I have asked a few people if they think I look pregnant... answers vary. Some say yes... others no... so I realized that it is really just a matter of perspective. I think I look pregnant from my angle... and others see things differently. For example:
From where I am looking, it looks like I have a little belly!

But from most people's perspectives... there really isn't much there.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Cabin...

I was on facebook and realized that Skyler's cousin, Bryce, had taken a pic of the family when he came to visit last Thanksgiving. And I didn't have a copy or any picture of the cabin. So, this is the front door of Skyler's family's cabin.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Less Effective Ways to Look Cool in Class

A few weeks ago I got a “Whattoexpect” email that warned me that my immune system is being suppressed and that I should avoid getting sick. I thought to myself, “wow that would stink to be sick and sick”. So, I decided to avoid sick people. I thought that was the best way. I don’t think I have ever seen Skyler “sick” in the 20 months we have known each other (well, that excludes burning his eye with contact disinfectant, and being given prescription drugs in the ER on an empty stomach… that was not really naturally sick- it was induced). So, my fears of illness came from mainly work.

One day while I was at BYU, I went downstairs to explain something to a coworker on the computer. I asked him how he was doing while I sat down at the computer to open up what I was going to explain. When he responded the he wasn’t feeling well, and tired and I noticed the pale color of his face. I got up from the computer, and stood in the doorway. I explained that I was pregnant and couldn’t possibly risk getting his germs. I apologized if I seemed abrupt. He understood and wasn’t offended. Mission accomplished. (We found out later he got mono… and when he was later in the office, I leaned my chair really far back just in case a piece of saliva in the air might land on my hand or something that I might then use to touch my mouth… it was very unlikely that I could catch mono from him but I decided that I would still not take any risks.)

I seem to hear when others talk about how they feel physically. And I was pleased that no one in the office had been sick for weeks. There was advice distributed on campus to warn people about spreading germs. As a result, I tried to make my hand-washing time more effective. I was feeling pretty good about life. This is where my advice comes in:

1. Don’t overwork your body, it suppresses the immune system.
2. If at all possible, avoid the flu if you are pregnant and tired.
3. If you do get the flu, avoid becoming dehydrated.
4. If you get dehydrated, avoid drinking too many things that break down into sugars if you are hypoglycemic (like juice, broth, bread, Gatorade, oh just about everything they tell you to have when you have the flu).
5. If your sugars to start to increase, try as hard as you can to stop them before they start to form a headache.
6. If you do start to get a headache, try to avoid getting a migraine.
7. If you do get a migraine, try to avoid teaching for over two hours.
8. If you do have to teach, try to avoid having an appointment with your bishop (particularly in a language other than your native one).
9. If you do have an appointment, try to avoid leaving the appointment at 10:30pm (2 hours after your bedtime)
10. If none of this can be avoided, make sure to do you homework for the following day as early as possible
11. If your homework is inaccessible due to internet program issues, try to skim as quickly as possible in the morning to get your homework emailed by 8am.
12. If though you are just exhausted and can’t wake up before 7:30am, then try not to be discouraged by your late homework.
13. If you are discouraged, try not to let that affect your ability to eat and digest food well.
14. If for some reason your prescription strength anti-nausea medication seems to not help you eat your bagel, try to not let your hormones get involved.
15. If however, your hormones insist on making you cry as you put toothpaste on your toothbrush because you know you are going to start heaving, just take a deep breath and brush anyway… hygiene is important!
16. After that experience is over, just go lay down for 10 minutes in order to calm your hormones and stomach.
17. When you get in the car, try not to think about how you are now late to school, your hair is messy, your socks don’t match…
18. But if those thoughts come, remember… your teeth are clean!
19. If that doesn’t seem to make you feel better, just take more deep breaths and get the tears out before you go in public.
20. If you have friends in class who are wonderful people and have a tendency to ask sincere awful questions like “How are you feeling?”, you must avoid eye contact!
21. If they do ask, try to be brief and seem like you are wiping your face and not tears.
22. At the end of class if you are feeling guilty about coming late to class, Don’t go apologize to your teacher in person!!! An email will do the trick.
23. If you can’t help yourself, be brief, avoid eye contact, and get out before he asks that awful question “How are you feeling?”!
24. If however, he is a wonderful and compassionate person and asks you faster than you can get away, try to avoid phrases like “I am good, just pregnant.. I am fine, just crying. I am really am ok, just pregnant.” All in succession.
25. But if that really does happen and half of your class is now watching you and your quivering shoulders… just walk out of class! I mean… at least your teeth are clean! Right?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pregnancy background

So, I know it was lame of me to put pics up and say absolutely nothing about my pregnancy. And since people made comments with questions, I thought I would just give a quick summary of the past 15 weeks. :)

The first month was pretty normal. I was late for a period, took a test, found out we were pregnant, and then a few days later started to feel sick. Which coincided perfectly after we moved. MIRACLES never cease. We decided to wait to tell people. So, I became an incredibly lame friend who quite frequently "did not feel good". I think I missed (in the past few months) about 4 showers (thinking to myself "I am sure I will feel better for the reception"), 4 receptions (regretting not making my appearance at the shower), 1 high school reunion, trip to visit family in CA, work, only 3 weeks of church, and countless 'plans' with cool people. So... sorry!

The second month continued on with the quest to figure out "how to be pregnant". I learned a lot about what didn't seem to work and a few pearls of wisdom: gatorade, whole wheat bagels, coke, french fries, salads (for about a week), cabbage, sleep, lay down, don't forget to tell Skyler how much you appreciate his efforts (even when they don't settle well), it is ok to cry for absolutely no reason at all, and I learned to really enjoy reading the Whattoexpect daily emails. I found myself trying lots of different things and I call this phase "experimentation".

About 8 weeks, we had our first appointment with the midwife clinic. They decided that we should have an ultrasound to make sure that the baby was ok, because of a potential risk of miscarraige. The good news came: the baby is fine, but there is a little tiny tear. So, I had to take it easy for 4 weeks until our next ultrasound. Despite the concern about the baby and an unmedicated migraine, I loved the clinic. I seemed to feel at home. No one looked at me funny when I cried because I didn't know if I could do a urine sample (I hadn't been able to keep anything down that day and didn't think my bladder had anything to give). The nurse who checked me in told me all she ate her first trimester was french fries and coke. They told me I could take excedrin for my migraines (that was excellent news) and suggested I try unisom for my morning sickness. By 3pm, my migraine was gone, I could take a nap, and Macey's potato wedges seemed to really hit the spot! All in all it was a great day!

The next 4 weeks seemed to be a lot easier. I loved unisom. It curbed the nausea and helped me wake up feeling rested. I also loved Excedrin. I cut down on my hours at work and started taking regular naps. I went to bed at 8:30pm almost every night and MAN it was great!

Our next ultrasound was a lot more fun and the tear seemed to be healed! YEAH!! Then school started and we are trying to get into a routine.

Sunday, September 6, 2009