Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh the memories...

We have been married 5 MONTHS today! I can't believe how quickly time flies!!! I found this cute pic from when we first started dating... like in May or June... thought I would share :)
If you can't tell we are both in XYIENCE shirts... We went to a rodeo and decided to dress the part ;)

Skyler needed a haircut!

We used almost the last of our TARGET $$ to buy really nice clippers!! It was kinda FUN!! I left a little long hair to play with and then buzzed it all off!!

Yes... that is a pile of hair that is larger than my foot... and even more in the top right hand corner...

Skyler got a new calling...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Whitney got married...

That was a month ago! :)

It was fun to hangout with the larger Bricker family:

Skyler cooked in pots that I found looking all over the kitchen where Whitney's reception and family dinner were. That is where we met her new family the "Hollingsheads".

I found a little time to chat with Mom Bricker.

Rylee let me take a few pics of her Saturday morning... these are my two favorites!

Whitney and Ryan got married in the Mesa temple.

Here is one of the family shots:

It was fun to see Gma and Gpa Bricker!

Skyler and I took a pic too with the Mesa temple... don't worry it was still HOT in January!!

This is the scrapbook, well sort of, that I made for Whitni's sign-in book. :)

teacher response... :)

Quite the saga, Skyler. Sounds like the paper has caused enough anguish that it would be cruel to lower your grade for tardiness, so I won't.

Have a good weekend.


The paper finally got submitted...

So...after having tried to send it to you for an hour I took it as a sign that I should revamp the essay and submit it when then, all accounts being late. Here is the final paper.I understand that internet problems is the same old story, but I am seeking your pity in this matter. I know that certain reductions of score should be incurred and I would hope that this is the case, making it fair for everybody. I am submitting this in full faith that your decision is what I deserve.

Again, Thanks....

and Happy Valentine's Day


Skyler's paper... (the plea to the teacher)

I am so sorry. I am sure that you are sick of hearing people's sob stories... so, hopefully mine will at least be amusing to you. I have been trying to send this paper for at least an hour. Usually we are able to just send documents from our kitchen if we sit on our counter and hold the laptop up to the window. For some reason, the internet wasn't working today... so we tried for about 20 min. We realized that that was futile and moved out to the street. We held the laptop and weren't able to get it to work... so we moved to the church parking lot... I sat on a trailer and it almost worked about 5 times and then didn't... so we stopped by the Alvarez family to use theirs... and they didn't open the door, so we went to the Brown family. They hooked us up with their wireless internet. I tried to submit it on blackboard which of course did not work because it was late, so I opened my yahoo account and then my laptop battery died. So, we ran home and anticipated being able to plug in the laptop and send it from our bedroom window that would be the closest part of our home to the Brown's internet. that of course didn't work. so, we plugged the computer in outside and sat on a lawn chair to try to send it but of course that didn't work... so my wife went in her rainboots through the snowy yard to sit in the corner to reach the Brown's internet... and of course it didn't work. So, we noticed a new car at the Alvarez home... so we are currently there... trying to send you my paper. But the computer wouldn't read the flash drive. so... we pulled the computer out to find another usb drive... and that wouldn't get read because it is a mac computer... so we copied the paper to the desktop and it is currently not loading either...
So, I am going to send you this email and try to finally get this paper attached this evening.
I am so sorry but I hope that this has at least shown how hard I have tried to send this paper and brought a smile to your face.

Our First Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's day was fabulous!! We started it off Friday night by dressing up and going out to Macaroni Grill! Good thing we had reservations because we had to wait... even with our reservations :) Skyler got to wear his new tie and the new shirt he got for Christmas and I wore my pearls... We made sure ot take our camera and of course forgot to take any pics at Macaroni grill... but don't worry our wall was accomodating!

Then we came home and had some really yummy snacks: Milanos, Brussels, wasabi peas (not my favorite) tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, Norwegian goat cheese, apples... and yummy baguettes!! Needless to say...we still haven't finished all of them... days later!

Then we cuddled up on the couch to watch "Wicked" it was awesome! It was Skyler's first time watching it! He has been singing the songs everyday since then!! I loved watching it again... but ALAS it isn't as good as live! Oh that was so fun last Christmas!!

Then we were falling asleep and stumbled into bed!! The following evening... Saturday Shannon came over and we watched Chocolat! It was so good... I thought I had seen more of it... but really I guess only the last 5 minutes... anyway... it was fabulous!

ps Allison was also in her matching shirt that evening...

Monday, February 9, 2009


This year will be the first year that I don't use the 1040EZ... this is exciting. We are going to be using the 1040A. I hope you can feel our excitement to learn about a new tax form!