Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fun times...

One of my favorite parts of the holidays was seeing some of my favorite people EVER! My family of course... particularly my parents and Nathan's family (Nathan, Diana, Jordan, Madison & Isabel). We had lunch with Amanda Heiner and went out later that night with Emily Gray and Lindsey Edwards. It was so fun to get caught up on everyone's lives!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The holidays are over....

So, the past month has been wonderful and crazy!!

Jobs: Rachel just started two jobs
job 1: BYU Honors Program Assistant for 30 hours a week
job 2: UVU ESL grammar instructor
Skyler quit his tumbling job so he is only working at BYU broadcasting

School: Rachel is starting to miss it...
Skyler became an English major and is taking 15 credits of English... so lots of reading and writing

Travel: Christmas was fun in CA (I will have to post pics of stuff) and then we got stuck in Elko cause of a snow storm... we loved the Hilton Garden Inn

Other: Still haven't sent out our Christmas letters, even though they are written... oops...
We still LOVE Sunflower market where we get all of our fresh produce :)

Well, I will write more later :)