Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This might be the picture used for our open house invitation...

Our favorite family photo?

I think someone was upset with the photographer :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

what will change if prop 8 fails?

Religious clashes with gay rights

It is interesting how religious freedom is not what it used to be:


Is anyone concerned?

Why is there a coming out day in Elementary Schools?

Since when do we teach sexuality in elementary schools?


prop 8 continued...

I am surprised at how much has already changed in Massachussetts in such a short time period.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Proposition 8 in CA

So, Emily has done a good job of helping me realize some of the implications of this proposition :)

I have been reading up more on the issue and really am surprised at how much our schools will be allowed to teach our children if Prop 8 fails.Already there are field trips to go to gay weddings during school for kindergarteners... and more stuff has been going on in Massachussetts.

Read up on the issues for yourself. http://www.protectmarriage.com/
Ahora hay un proposicion en California que puede proteger el matrimonio. Es importante que todas las personas entienden que hay muchas consecuencias si no gana el proposicion. Por ejemplo, las escuelas pueden ensenar que no importa si matrimonio es tradicional con un mujer y un hombre. No quiero que mis hijos (en el futuro) deben ensenar sobre la vida homosexual en la escuela. No quiero que mis hijos van a recibir informacion en la escuela sobre las detalles tecnicos de un relacion sexual entre personas homosexuales. Esas cosas han pasado en Massachussetts y pueden pasar donde vivimos tambien.
Ne Kalifornia njerez do te vendosin si martesa midis nje grua dhe nje burre (martesa tradicional) eshte e vetmja menyre qe njerez mund te jene te martuar. Eshte e frikshme que si nuk fiton, femije do te mesojne qe martesa nuk eshte midis nje grua dhe nje burre. Do te mesohet qe ka disa menyra per te qene te martuar.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I was updating my information

and I ran across this old photo... I think it has to be Skyler and my first photo together :) I think that all I have to say is... WOW!!!

Sometimes I need to take breaks from being productive...

And then crazy things happen...

this was inspired by Erica :)

It might not have been apparent...

But Skyler and I are going to write posts in a few different languages to facilitate better communication. So, if you haven't figured it out yet those languages are: English, Spanish (espanol), & Albanian (Shqipe).

Feel free to edit our grammar :)

el miercoles por la tarde

Estuve en el templo. Cuando estaba por alla, conoci a una mujer que no podia entender el inglese muy bien. Conversamos en espanol y como siempre tenia verguenza. Pero debo practicar hablar en espanol. Entonces vamos a escribir en ingles, albanes y espanol aqui.

Hace tres semanas Skyler y yo nos casamos. Me encanta ser casada. Park City fue el lugar de la luna de miel. Y ahora vivimos en un sotano en Provo.

Ten paciencia con mi espanol!

U martova :)

Vendosa qe duhet te shkruaj ne shqipe. Ju lutem kini durim sepse u ktheva nga misioni para 4 vite. E di qe nuk mund te shkruaj shume mire ne shqipe por kam shprese qe kur te praktikoj me shume... do te permiresohem.

Sot kam qene e martuar per 3 jave. Dasma ishte e mrekellueshme por martesa eshte edhe me mire. Patem muaj e mjaltit ne Park City, nje ore larg Provos. Ishte shume bukur dhe u kenaqem shume edhe pse isha nje cik semure. Tani Skyler eshte ne shkolle dhe ka dy puna. Tani ai eshte duke punuar per BYU Broadcasting dhe ben grafike per kompjuterin qe shihen gjate vollejballit. Tani jam duke kerkuar pune. Kismet do te gjej shpejt.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


We have been married 2 weeks :).

We just went to our ward for the first time and met our bishop. It is interestingbecause it seems like everyone is either in their 60s or their 20s... the ones in their 20s live in the basements of the ones in their 60s... pretty interesting ward personality. Our bishop supervises the making of the donuts at BYU. I learned how to cook spaghetti squash from the older women sitting next to me in Relief Society and it seems like EVERYONE has a garden because in the Happy Minute at Relief Society the women offered: squash, cornstalks, tomatoes, and something else... I can't remember. There is only one catch... I don't know any of their names :0... Oh well. Church was good and Skyler ran into one of his friends growing up in Washington. They met again in the MTC and then he saw him in Elder's quorum... so when Skyler saw Jake he laughed to himself. Then when he was asked to introduce himself he said, "Hi my name is Skyler Bricker and I am here visiting Jake Russell". Jake was surprised and looked around and saw Skyler. He was pretty excited and now we are gonna be friends. We exchanged numbers and we are gonna have dinner sometime soon on a weekend... I guess they got married 4 months ago. So, they are the second youngest marriage in the ward. :)

Let's see the only other really exciting news is that we have been having fun with vegetables in our morning smoothies... on Tuesday I put broccoli in our apple, peach, grape smoothie. And Wednesday Skyler tricked me into eating 3 radishes... he did a good job of hiding the taste with all of the other flavors in the smoothie. But I did ask for it because I told him that I need to get used to new flavors by eating them with other things... and in small portions... so he put the radishes in with lots of yummy flavors and I totally survived :)!!!

Other than that life is still really good. We love being married and don't know why we didn't do it earlier :)

Well, keep us in your prayers while we work on his portfolio to apply into the Media Arts Program and while I am job hunting. We love ya!

Friday, October 10, 2008

We can look at our proofs now :)

So, we thought we would share a few of our favorite pics...